Marina Resmini Research Group
Marina Resmini Research Group

Funded PhD studentship "Smart molecular imprinted polymers for therapeutic monitoring of anticancer drugs"

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) aimed at developing personalized medicines is one of the main targets in current clinical oncology. Keeping toxicity to a minimal level while maximising bioavailability of chemotherapeutics to an optimal activity is a key priority in cancer therapy, due to the high toxicity of most drugs and the high risk of relapses.... For more information about this funded PhD opportunity please click here.
Opportunity for a self-funded PhD studentship

The Resmini lab currently has one vacancy for students wishing to apply for a self-funded studentship.
Interested candidates should email Prof Resmini at their CV and a covering letter.
Opportunities for Mexican and Brasilian chemistry students

There are excellent opportunities for Mexican and Brasilian students to apply for PhD studentships to study at Queen Mary University of London under the supervision of Prof. Resmini via dedicated schemes such as Science Without Borders (for Brasilian students) and CONACYt for mexican students.
Projects are currently available in three different areas:
- Molecularly imprinted polymers as new materials for the development of sensors for coffee components
- Nanogels for drug delivery: studies of the physical chemistry of the interactions with biological counterparts using neutron reflectometry
- New polymeric nano particles for dermal drug delivery.
See: QMUL international-Mexico.
Interested students should contact Prof Resmini at with their CV and a covering letter.


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